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TAMUCC - Girls Basketball Camps

 How do I Register for Camp?

You may either sign up online or you can print off the mail-in registration form. If you want to sign up online just click here, select which camp you would like and follow the instructions. If you want to mail in the registration please download and print the application by clicking here. Fill in the application completely, enclose a check made payable to Islander Girls Basketball Camp and mail to 

Intercollegiate Athletics

6300 Ocean Drive Unit 5719

Corpus Christi, TX 78412


Then you are all set, If you want to check and make sure the application was recieved you can email

 What do I need to bring to Camp?

Bring a lunch or money to purchase a lunch/Drinks or Snacks, 


Recommended Attire: T-Shirt,  Athletic Shorts, and Tennis or Basketball Shoes.